Always Learning

Custom Publishing

Custom publishing is about catering to specific needs. Finding just the right content to align with classroom goals; packaging custom materials for your unique curricula. You get just what you need and nothing more. With Pearson Learning Solutions, custom textbooks and custom websites are tailor-made for individual educators or entire districts.


Custom Library

The Pearson Custom Library gives you the power to create tailor-made books for your high school classroom that puts you, your students, and their education first. With access to the best Pearson textbooks, 3rd party readings, articles and case studies available, Pearson Custom Library is the preeminent resource for superior content tailored to your classroom needs.

Custom Technology

Custom technology solutions empower the vision of 21st century students. Pearson Learning Solutions is your partner for integrating custom technology solutions into the preK-12 classroom. We work with curriculum leaders and teachers to produce the highest quality content-driven educational technology, packaged specifically to meet your unique needs.

Online Learning

Online learning opens up a whole new world of possibilities for individual classes or entire districts. It also solves a lot of practical problems like physical space constraints and scheduling conflicts.

Online learning is scalable. You can go all online with virtual schools, or combine your own custom mix of web-based and traditional classes for the best balance of blended learning.