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Pearson Learning Solutions offers two main options for custom textbooks

1. Invent your ideal: Compile content from Pearson titles, your own writing or third party sources and we will publish a completely customized text just for you.

2. Don't reinvent the wheel: Select content from the extensive Pearson Custom Library - course-specific collections of chapters, readings, cases and labs and we will publish a custom textbook aligned with your specific needs.

Custom publishing gives you tightened control of content. It helps you keep instruction on track by including only the content teachers need to cover. And it lets you choose how you want it delivered: in print or media, online or via mobile devices.

Custom textbooks raise the possibilities

When it comes to custom textbooks, you have the flexibility to tailor content in a range of configurations. Custom publishing allows you to:

  • Create abridged versions of existing titles
  • Insert new state standards, rubrics and more into existing titles
  • Combine chapters from different titles into a single-bound text
  • Build a single resource for a multi-grade or cross-disciplinary course
  • Design supplemental pieces for after-school or summer school programs

Pearson custom publishing caters to curriculum needs

Custom publishing is all about catering to specific needs - matching just the right content with a specific course. With Pearson Learning Solutions, digital content and custom textbooks are tailor-made for individual educators or entire districts.

The Pearson custom publishing advantage

Fine-tuning content to meet the specific needs of individual courses and schools makes sense. As schools face greater challenges to meet higher standards, custom publishing can be a competitive advantage. We can create custom textbooks that focus on areas of need and weakness, based on past state test scores. We can add assessment and intervention components to custom textbooks as well.

Race to the Top, the new U.S. Department of Education initiative, makes a strong case for improving student achievement and improved instruction. Custom publishing is a smart response to both.

Pearson custom publishing makes good business sense

An affordable option, custom publishing streamlines course materials to mirror course goals, allowing schools to have greater control of the content. Custom textbooks and media make good educational sense - and good business sense.