Always Learning

Specialties include:

  • Custom websites and portals
  • Animations and simulations
  • eTextbooks
  • Learning Management Systems

Browse our capabilities below to learn more about how custom technology can accommodate the learning style of each student in your classroom and maximize student engagement.

Custom websites and portals: a one-stop destination.

We consolidate Pearson assets as well as your own original content directly into one place. Custom websites provide a one-stop destination for videos, eBooks, assignments and other educational technology required for your school or district- a flexible and convenient communication tool for parents, teachers and students.

Animations and simulations: fresh, new learning opportunities with educational technology.

Animations and simulations engage learners in new ways, assess student knowledge comprehension, and provide immediate performance feedback. Pearson Learning Solutions creates original animations, simulations and interactive applications to meet individual teaching needs.

Content conversions and customizations: the content of your choice in platform of your choice.

Our production team is well versed in making Pearson's wealth of content and educational technology work in the platform you require, providing you and your students one place to access everything as well as managing and referencing one grade book.

To learn more about custom technology, please contact us!