Always Learning

What we do

Pearson Learning Solutions evaluates your learning landscape and delivers PreK-12 solutions that meet the unique needs of your students, teachers, and your school. From content selection and organization, to standards compliance and professional development for educators, Pearson Learning Solutions is prepared to equip you with the tools needed to make your unique vision for education a reality.

Moreover, Pearson gives you the flexibility to determine your level of involvement in the process of creating your customized solution. How can you partner with Pearson?

Work with us to build your solution

Collaborating closely with Pearson, you can: select and organize content for your book; incorporate your own personal content or third-party content into the text; design your book layout and cover; incorporate engaging media assets for online learning; and more.

Build a solution on your own

With Pearson Custom Library, you can create a customized book for any age group by selecting content from our extensive, subject-specific collections. Our expansive virtual library includes of chapters from Pearson titles, as well as carefully selected and copyright-cleared third-party content and pedagogy. The final product for those who choose this route is a print-on-demand resource tailored to the needs of unique students and curriculum. By providing access to the best Pearson textbooks, third-party readings, articles, and case studies available, Pearson Custom Library, is the preeminent resource for superior content for elementary, middle, and high school students.