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Learning Solutions

Pearson takes a consultative approach to each organization and its unique objectives. We partner with your business to create customized learning solutions, working together from a thorough needs assessment through project management, to evaluate the success of your organization’s custom learning initiative. Whatever professional development concerns and needs you may have, we will listen and partner with you to create customized learning solutions that give your unique organization measurable results. 

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Corporate University FlyerCorporate University

We provide you with everything you need to create a state-of-the-art Corporate University for your team. When you partner with Pearson’s award-winning learning solutions architects who are focused on your organization’s success, you can be assured that your team is always learning and your business is always leading.

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Custom Content Development

Pearson designs custom courseware to increases learner engagement so learning is faster, more successful and accommodates multiple learning styles. Our cutting-edge technology and training solutions offer cost-effective professional development opportunities for your organization, keeping you ahead of the competition and fostering an environment where your staff is always learning and your business is always leading.

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Informal Learning FlyerInformal Learning

Empowering your team to participate in the informal sharing of ideas is important to your organization’s success. Our learning solution architects partner with you to build programs that promote and capture informal learning so it can be "re-found" and reused to meet the goals of your team. Pearson ensures the knowledge being shared in informal learning environments is accurate, relevant and reliable.

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Knowledge Capture FlyerKnowledge Capture

The synergy that is created when years of experience and hard work come together is what makes an organization great. But what happens when talent that has been so diligently cultivated walks out the door? Partner with Pearson to create strategically aligned knowledge capture and transfer systems that facilitate the documentation of your most valuable asset: your people.

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Online Mentoring FlyerOnline Mentoring

Great organizations understand that the learning process does not end with the culmination of a training program. It goes far beyond that as the employee puts into practice the methods and tools they were taught. Our experts in online learning help your employees navigate smoothly through their professional training and development experience in a secure, on-demand environment to ensure the continued success of your organization's customized learning solutions.

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Partner with Pearson Learning Solutions to power your next professional development learning initiative.

Pearson Workforce Education

Whether you are hiring from outside the company or promoting from within, your organization needs an effective way to provide outstanding workforce development that offers the best results. Pearson Workforce Education delivers quality workforce training products and flexible workforce education solutions in partnership with you, the customer. Build your workforce development programs using our online, blended, and self-paced courses in these industry areas:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Business and Professional
  • Green and Sustainability
  • Health Careers
  • Hospitality
  • IT and Software Development
  • Project Management and Quality
  • Workplace Readiness
With the vast resources of Pearson Education, the expertise of practitioners in the field of Workforce Development, and our partnerships with nationally known organizations, partner with Pearson to develop workforce training programs designed to meet your needs. 

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