Always Learning

To ensure your business is Always Learning and Always Leading.

When you invest in your employees by providing them with solid professional development and skills training programs, you ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization: it’s that simple.

According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, companies whose training expenditures per employee per year rank in the top quarter ($1,500 or more) average 24 percent higher profit margins than companies that spend less per year.

Lack of performance metrics can inhibit productivity, collaboration, innovation and, in the long term, the ability of an organization to keep pace with the rest of the market. While most organizations know that it takes investment in employees to reap the rewards of a higher profit margin, many struggle with how best to deliver cost-effective professional development and employee training.

Pearson Learning Solutions can help.

As the world’s leading learning company, we leverage more than a century of proven content, technologies and services to create award-winning, full-service customized learning solutions that target the unique professional development objectives of your organization. Our professional development and employee training programs are specifically designed to create measurable results, both in productivity and in profit margins.

Pearson is there every step of the way to help ensure that your employees are always learning and your business is always leading. From initial concept to assessing impact, we will work with you to create learning solutions that help you achieve your organization’s goals.


Partner with Pearson Learning Solutions to power your next professional development learning initiative.