Frequently Asked Questions
about the new GED® Test Prep Offering

  • What is the MyFoundationsLab for GED® Prep? How does it differ from our previous offering?
    Our past offerings did not offer prep and remediation for all of the tests (e.g. Science and Social Studies). MyFoundationsLab for GED® Prep empowers candidates to learn at their own paces and build requisite skills through diagnostic assessment, personalized learning paths, and interactive online instruction to remediate gaps.  Designed specifically for non-traditional students, this easy-to-use program enables candidates to accelerate their learning — whether they’re just brushing up, or learning material for the first time—and succeed on their first testing attempt.  In addition, we will be an official reseller of GED Ready™: The Official Online Practice Test. Institutions may purchase student access codes for individual practice tests through using a direct bill/electronic delivery process. This is Pearson’s most complete GED® offer to date.
  • How will the new test update impacting GED® test takers? 
    In most states, GED® test-takers have until the end of 2013 to successfully complete all five of their 2002 GED® exams to earn a credential. If they do not complete all five, all scores will expire and they will be required to start over by taking the 2014 GED® tests.
  • How does the 2014 GED® test impact CourseConnect Prep for the GED® Test? 
    Given our existing solution is aligned to the outdated GED® exam, we will be retiring our CourseConnect Prep for the GED® Test course In 2013.
  • When will MyFoundationsLab for GED® Prep be available?
    January 17, 2014. Please contact your Pearson representative for more information about the new MyFoundationsLab for GED® Prep offering.

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