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Trusted Partner

We understand that creating or extending an online learning program presents huge opportunities for growth but requires significant resources.

To ensure a seamless, easy experience for institutions and faculty, Pearson LearningStudio is backed by an industry-leading commitment to service and support. We are committed to being easily accessible and always accountable.

Dedicated Service Consultants

To help institutions connect the dots from curriculum design to student experience to student achievement, Pearson LearningStudio provides every customer with a dedicated, knowledgeable service consultant. More than a partner, consultants become an extension of your team, ensuring successful program implementation and management.

Easy Integration and Extension

Extend the impact of your online learning program with a broad portfolio of integrated content and technologies – those created by Pearson as well as those developed by reputable industry partners. Our platform is interoperable and designed to integrate third-party content and technologies so customers enjoy more choice, more customization, and less restriction.

Online Curriculum Specialists

Using proven best practices for online learning, our Curriculum Specialists work with you to ensure the delivery of high-quality course content. From end-to-end course design and creation to conversion of existing course content, we offer a full range of design and development services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your institution.