Technology Integrations

Ambassador College Bookstores

Ambassador provides premier book fulfillment services to colleges and universities. Their comprehensive range of services includes the management and operation of brick and mortar bookstores, virtual bookstores or any combination of the two. Throughout the years, Ambassador has made significant investments in personnel and technology to achieve its clients' objectives and, in the process, earn a sterling reputation in the academic and publishing industry. Pearson eCollege has partnered with Ambassador, offering Educational Partners an online bookstore application that can be integrated into your portal.

Biometric Signature ID

Biometric Signature ID, Inc. (BSI) provides solutions to reduce identity fraud through its patented BioSig-ID™ online biometric gesture technologies that can identify a student who logs in from any computer or portable device based on how they move their mouse, touchpad or touch screen.

BioSig-ID provides a software-only solution that verifies student “signatures” and, combined with an additional layer of security called Click-ID, provides a robust, multi-factor authentication process that complies with US Department of Education regulation on student identity.

BioSig-ID is integrated with Pearson LearningStudio and is accessible from within a course.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate offers an Education-focused synchronous, collaborative, interactive learning experience from within Pearson LearningStudio.

As an OEM partner of Pearson eCollege, the Pearson LearningStudio product name for the integrated Blackboard Collaborate capability is called ClassLive Pro.


ConnectYard provides a secure, hosted social engagement platform that instantly notifies students about important announcements, reminders and grade updates via their preferred communications channels of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text message and (personal) email accounts. ConnectYard also enables two-way communication so students can immediately reply to posts without having to sign into Pearson LearningStudio, while also allowing faculty and staff to post new messages or respond to student queries directly from within Pearson LearningStudio or via email.


CourseSmart offers educational institutions instant access to the world's largest repository of digital course materials at a fraction of the cost of print (up to 60% savings).

Through the seamless integration with Pearson LearningStudio, faculty and students can access their eTextbooks directly from within the course and can view them at any time, on any device and can interact with the content using the CourseSmart productivity tools such as search, Highlighting and note-taking.

CourseSmart provides free faculty sampling programs for instructors to easily discover, evaluate and adopt eTextbooks/eResources into their courses.

Design Science

Design Science develops software used by educators, scientists and publishing professionals, including MathType, Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, MathFlow, MathDaisy and MathPlayer, to communicate on the web and in print. DSI provides Pearson eCollege with a variety of mathematics authoring tools, which are integrated into the Pearson eCollege system.


EvaluationKIT provides enterprise online course evaluation and survey software to higher education and K12 institutions.  Easy to implement and straightforward to manage, EvaluationKIT includes a variety of features proven to drive response rates, as well as a robust suite of reporting functionality.  Integrated with Pearson LearningStudio, EvaluationKIT offers a one of a kind turnkey solution to streamline operations around your entire survey process and integrated functionality designed to motivate student to participation.


Developed by LANIT Consulting in Columbia, MO, Foliotek handles standards-based assessment and data collection through the use of electronic portfolios that are designed to adapt to the specific needs of organizations, portfolio administrators and students. Portfolios allow institutions and students to align certain artifacts (such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and HTML) with state, national, and school standards and objectives. In addition, students may create presentation portfolios to showcase their work.

Genius SIS

Genius SIS is a robust Student Information System, designed specifically for small to medium online and virtual institutions. In addition, Genius offers a flexible, simple and configurable registration system.

Genius SIS is fully integrated with Pearson LearningStudio, automating the enrollment process and grade reporting. Students can use a dedicated portal to track academic progress, request new courses, make payments and much more. Teachers and administrative staff can use Genius SIS to track students’ performance, communicate with students, run detailed and highly customized reports that show the increased student retention and completion rates.


IN THE TELLING is a SaaS-based software company and boutique media production studio that transforms online instruction from passive, talking head and text-driven content to deeply engaging and interactive course experiences. IN THE TELLING’s Creative Services range from documentary-style video and animation production, marketing trailer development and instructional design.

The TELLING Player is integrated with Pearson LearningStudio and OpenClass.

Link Systems International

The NetTutor® online tutoring service provides a student-friendly and affordable online tutoring environment, conducted by tutors who work from company headquarters in the US and who are managed by onsite PhD's.

When integrated into Pearson LearningStudio, NetTutor offers students the ability to access just-in-time, customized tutoring assistance that has been optimized for success in a particular course at a particular institution. NetTutor provides both live and asynchronous tutoring value that improves student success, student retention and student persistence.


MediaCore makes video learning simple – allowing institutions to create a world-class online video experience inside their Pearson LearningStudio courses, accessible on any device. With mobile video capture apps for iOS and Android, automatic video conversion, support for full 1080p HD, and an intuitive interface, MediaCore is powering video-based learning at some of the world's leading institutions.


newrow_ combines video conferencing, collaboration and online video into a single scalable platform that enhances interaction for instructors and students. newrow_'s feature-rich, easy to use interface, seamlessly embedded within the Pearson LearningStudio (via an SSO), allows real-time dialogue between the student and instructor.


Panopto is a lecture capture solution accessible from directly within Pearson LearningStudio (via SSO) that allows institutions to record every lecture being delivered in classrooms across campus, store those recordings in a secure video library and make them available to students on-demand. Panopto includes a video search engine that enables students and faculty to find and fast-forward to concepts inside any lecture; webcasting software to live stream lectures and campus events to audiences around the world; and analytics to measure usage and outcomes. Over 450 universities around the world use Panopto to increase student retention and student reach – well beyond the walls of the classroom.


Pathbrite Portfolios for Educators offers an easy-to-use and intuitive way for students to collect, track and showcase a lifetime of learning and achievement that can be easily evaluated by Faculty and future employers.
Pathbrite Portfolios for Educators is a cloud-based, portable ePortfolio system focused on the student (Web 2.0) user experience, accessible from directly within Pearson LearningStudio via an LTI SSO.


ExamGuard, powered by Respondus, is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment in Pearson LearningStudio. When using ExamGuard, students are locked into the assessment and are unable to print, copy, go to another URL or access other applications.

As an OEM partner of Pearson eCollege, the Pearson LearningStudio product name for the integrated Respondus capability is called ExamGuard.


The mission of SmarterServices is to organize and analyze data that empowers people to make smarter decisions by helping obtain data about students, faculty, teachers, employees and courses. Data-driven decisions create strong strategic plans, maximize efficiency and foster an environment of learning — learning from our mistakes, learning about best practices and learning how to do things better.

Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow's Adaptive eLearning Platform is an intuitive, cloud-based, productivity suite empowering teachers and instructional designers to create and analyze the learning impact of engaging, interactive and adaptive content. The platform promotes 'learning by doing', enabling students to interact with their learning content and receive adaptive guidance as they work and is accessible from directly within Pearson LearningStudio (and OpenClass) via an LTI SSO.


Smarthinking follows academically-proven tutoring methods to connect students to expert educators anytime, online, 24x7. Through live, on-demand tutoring, pre-scheduled sessions, writing labs and more, students gain support at key teachable moments—enabling them to learn and master complex concepts. Independent research shows that Smarthinking has a positive impact on student success and retention.

Smarthinking integration within Pearson LearningStudio provides seamless, single sign-on access allowing students to connect with an expert educator at the moment of need. Online tutoring links can be placed on the main level providing access for all students, or within specified courses.

Top Hat

Top Hat is a web-based classroom response and homework tool that transforms mobile devices students already own into devices for active learning. Using the platform, professors can conduct real-time polls & quizzes, moderate class discussions, host class-wide tournaments and create interactive 3D simulations. Born on a university campus, Top Hat brings 21st century technology to the classroom to measurably improve student attendance, retention, satisfaction & grades. 

Top Hat is integrated with Pearson LearningStudio and OpenClass. 


VoiceThread is a secure, cloud-based communications platform for educators, administrators and students that replaces text-based discussion boards with highly engaging, interactive multimedia conversations. These conversations — accessible from directly within Pearson LearningStudio (via SSO) — are centered round all kinds of digital media (videos, presentations, documents and images) that are uploaded to the VoiceThread cloud for comment by fellow students and instructors via webcam, telephone, microphone or text.

The discussions are accessible from either a PC or mobile device, in or outside of the classroom, and can be shared by sending a link via email or by embedding within a webpage and/or can easily be exported to any video delivery platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes etc.


YouSeeU provides an asynchronous environment centered on student and Instructor-generated video to conduct high-engagement activities such as oral communication assessment, spontaneous response Q&A, speeches and presentations, and asynchronous video discussion.  YouSeeU enables deeper connections between participants by adding elements such as oral exams, question and answer sessions, discussions and student demonstrations of key skills.

YouSeeU is accessible from directly within Pearson LearningStudio and/or OpenClass and, through user registration, enrollment and grade data exchange, automates many functions such as auto-class section creation in YouSeeU.