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Social Learning

By applying intuitive, engaging technologies that emulate popular mobile and social apps, students and faculty can enjoy rich, real-time interaction and collaboration

Leading institutions like Columbia University and Texas Christian University are partnering with Pearson LearningStudio to study the benefits to student achievement that can result from effective use of social tools in online education.

Contemporary User-Interface

In addition to a host of new features, Pearson LearningStudio has been redesigned with a simple, clean look modeled after popular social media sites. Our tools feel familiar and enable students and instructors to intuitively find what they need.

Social Learning Tools

Enhanced collaboration and networking are critical to driving both retention and success in online learning. Pearson LearningStudio integrates the latest features students need to engage peers and instructors – social profiles, avatars, chat, groups, remarks, activity feed, and fully-integrated Skype functionality for real-time discussion.

To fully realize the potential of social learning, we are continuously vetting and adding new functionality. We're constantly seeking new ways to process, understand, and leverage the vast amounts of interactive data we collect to improve online learning.

Open API

We invite third-party developers to help extend, enrich, and customize the online learning experience with innovative applications. Our open API enables the rapid development of integrated content, tools, and features that make it easier for both educators and students to engage, collaborate, and realize better outcomes.

Customizable Mobile Site

Easy-to-use mobile features extend engagement through social learning and enable students to continuously connect with classmates and instructors anytime, anywhere. Through a custom mobile site that features your institution's brand, students can participate in class discussions, access gradebooks, and receive alerts on new uploads and upcoming deadlines. Our mobile web-based solution, or mSite, is compatible with all leading smart device operating systems and requires no downloads.