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Powered to Scale

The full promise of online learning can only be realized if it is truly accessible to all.

Pearson LearningStudio is built on a fully-hosted platform that is optimized to scale effortlessly as your program grows. And as more students access the platform, you can be assured that they will stay connected via LearningStudio's mission-critical services.


Fully-hosted SaaS Model

Pearson LearningStudio proudly sets the industry standard for security and reliability. With our hosted, always-on Software as a Servic e (SaaS) platform, our customers never worry about software maintenance, uptime, scalability, security, disaster recovery, or business continuity issues.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Realize the savings inherent in cloud-based platforms. Pearson LearningStudio eliminates the costs — and hassles — associated with hardware installations, software licensing upgrades, system management, and storage upgrades. Free your valuable IT resources to concentrate on more important tasks.

Instant Scalability

We understand that your online programs are only as effective as the technology they're built upon. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model scales instantly to accommodate rapidly growing needs as your program expands.

24/7 Technical Support

We supply our customers with all the technical support required to power successful online learning environments. With responsive 24/7/365 support, instructors and students can spend less time with technical hassles and more time achieving success.