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Fee-based upgrade
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Data and Analytics

Pearson LearningStudio features best-in-class data and analytics and dashboards for insights into student learning. These features include:

  • Student Evaluation and Reporting: Simplifies and streamlines accreditation and reporting
  • At-Risk Reporting: Alerts educators of at-risk students in a timely manner
  • Institutional Reporting: Allows for cross-term and demographic data analysis for continuous improvement of curriculum
  • Multiple Workflows: Helps educators efficiently and accurately map grades, standards, and outcomes in real-time
  • Retrieval and Access: Stores artifacts and assessments for logical retrieval and access
Service and Support

Each of our Pearson LearningStudio institutions has a dedicated, knowledgeable service consultant to help connect the dots from curriculum design to student experience to student achievement. Pearson Service Consultants become an extension of your team, ensuring successful program implementation and management:

  • Help institutions achieve financial and organizational goals
  • Identify opportunities for online and blended learning growth
  • Offer strategic guidance to improve educational program quality and efficiencies
  • Develop custom solutions comprised of content, technology, and services

Pearson Online Curriculum Specialists offer a range of design and development services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your institution – from end-to-end course design and creation to conversion of existing course content. Using proven best-practices, we work with you to ensure the delivery of high-quality courses.

Learning Platform

Pearson LearningStudio is the only LMS with the reliability and scalability to support fully-online programs.

  • Uptime: Always-on, cloud-based solution means you'll never worry about software maintenance, uptime, disaster recovery, or business continuity
  • Security: Sets the industry standard for security and reliability
  • Upgrade and Innovation: Hosted SaaS platform is always running the latest build so there is limited downtime for upgrades and software maintenance
  • Scalability: SaaS model scales instantly to accommodate rapidly growing needs as your program expands
  • Technical Support: Support team quickly resolves user issues 24/7/365, supporting both faculty and students

We invite third-party developers to help extend, enrich, and customize the online learning experience with innovative applications. Our open API enables the rapid development of integrated content, tools, and features that make it easier for both educators and students to engage, collaborate, and realize better outcomes.

Student Engagement

Networks are crucial to help students continually learn, develop relationships, access resources, showcase their work, and apply what they've learned. Pearson LearningStudio integrates a range of social features designed to connect students and educators and promote networks that grow beyond the course.

  • Intuitive UI: Features a simple, clean look modeled after popular social media sites to enable students and educators to intuitively find what they need
  • Collaboration Tools: Integrate the latest social features including social profiles, avatars, chat, groups, remarks, activity feeds, and fully-integrated Skype functionality to allow real-time discussion and class interaction
  • Forming Groups: Group functionality supports a wide variety of cooperative learning models including long-term base groups, informal cooperative learning, constructive controversy, group writing projects, etc.
  • Integrated Audio and Video: Share feature enables students and educators to easily add photos, audio and video to posts
  • Mobile Compatibility: Free, custom mobile site lets students participate in class discussions, access gradebooks, and receive alerts on new uploads and upcoming deadlines