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Pearson and Monster Government Solutions


Pearson Learning Solutions has partnered with Monster Government Solutions to create a complete suite of products and services specifically for Private Sector and Career Colleges. Team up with Pearson and Monster to gain access to a variety of searchable academic analytics and eLearning intelligence that can:

  • Provide real-time labor data and analytics solutions to education providers
  • Align curricula with strategic skills requirements
  • Increase program marketability
  • Ensure course offerings and programs match the skill set demands of today's employers
  • Prepare students for the job market

Determine your program's marketability by comparing it with the over one million job postings available on

Pearson's experienced Custom Curriculum team of instructional designers, subject matter experts, and project managers will then take any data collected and create tailored content solutions for your new and existing programs.


Sample Reports

View samples of custom solutions and real time labor intelligence reports created in partnership with Monster Government Solutions:

Northeast Indiana Labor Market Analysis

  • This project supports the Northeast Indiana Regional Fund, and the WorkOne workforce board in their work to develop a strategy for improving the competitiveness of Northeast (NE) Indiana.
  • Specifically, the Monster work will support one phase entitled "Identification and Analysis of Workforce Development and Business Climate Issues for the Northeast Indiana Economy".

Local Market Boston 2011 Job Candidates

  • Monster leveraged more than 898,000 Boston resumes coupled with online job postings for Boston talent in order to gain insight into candidates and employers.

U.S. Information Technology 2011 Job Candidates

  • Monster leveraged more than 1.4 million IT resumes coupled with online job postings for talent across the United States in order to gain insight into candidates and employers.

Executive Summary: IT Job Conditions Report, 2011

  • The 2011 report details the educated and experienced talent pool as well as the frustration many of them are facing with their current roles. Past performance and forecasts of the IT market and recruiting space are provided as well as profiles of the most popular occupations in talent supply and demand.

Snapshot: Administrative Market Conditions

  • This project tracks the 2011 administrative employment marketing conditions in the United States.


Who is Monster Government Solutions?

Monster Government Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Monster Worldwide, Inc., provides technology, content, and service to hire solutions to help you develop and manage a high–performance workforce.