Always Learning

Each day we rise to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving educational landscape that includes new technologies, new education business models, and cost pressures. With the goal of promoting effective teaching, we work with educators to develop course-specific materials that engage students and facilitate student success while keeping to a tight budget. We create content that works by blending the educator’s ideas and goals with our content and services. Educators have the choice of delivering their customized course content in print or media, online and/or through mobile devices. Research has shown that custom-designed course materials slice costs as they hone content, providing students with the best educational value for their dollar.

Pearson Learning Solutions delivers quality products of long-term worth. Each custom project is held to the highest standards in educational publishing. Our experienced staff includes full time design, development, permissions, and production departments. Local field editors help educators select or create materials that meet course goals as well as department, university and state standards. Customized course content can be tailor-made for an individual educator or for an entire school system. And when the material has been delivered, and course taught, our partnership with the educator does not end. We provide effective assessment and training tools that help teachers teach and inform the future of their course materials.