2015 Cite Learning Tracks

Managing the Online Program

  • Marketing, enrollment & admissions
  • Creating and maintaining brand awareness
  • Faculty engagement & professional development
  • Student Support & Career Services
  • Regulatory Compliance

Innovative Models and Pedagogical Approaches

  • Emerging & Innovative Learning Models: Competency-based Education, Blended/Flipped Classrooms, Self-paced, Badging, Adaptive, Gamification, MOOCs, etc.
  • Pedagogical strategies for online and blended learning
  • Technology and course redesign (i.e. integration of courseware, lecture capture, video, simulation, portfolios, polling, labs, etc.)
  • Leveraging data and analytics to measure and evaluate course/program effectiveness
  • Improved learner outcomes

Student Engagement and Retention

  • Preparing students for the online learning experience
  • Technological impacts on student engagement (video, blogs, courseware, mobile tools, synchronous sessions, lecture capture)
  • Coaching and student support in the online course
  • Evaluating student satisfaction
  • Leveraging data to motivate students and impact retention

Professional and Corporate Insights

  • Trends in corporate learning environments
  • Professional development best practices using blended and online learning
  • Higher Ed and corporate partner collaboration
  • Innovations transforming training and development (i.e. badging, CSM/LSM, shift from print to digital examples)
  • Improving organizational results