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Pearson Custom Library

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With Pearson Custom Library, you can create a custom book by selecting content from our course-specific collections. The collections consist of chapters from Pearson titles, and carefully selected, copyright cleared, third-party content, and pedagogy.

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Each product page in this catalog allows you to link to an online book building program where you can browse and preview the selections available and create your custom book. To find the right Custom Library resources for your course, select a discipline or enter your course name or keywords in the search tool below.


From search to build, preview and submit, we've made building custom textbooks easy.


Discover exciting book designs, original layouts and a choice of binding options.


Create custom books from the topics you want, and control the cost of books for your students.

Pearson Custom Library Gives You the Power

The power to create tailor-made tools for your course that puts you, your students, and their education first. With access to the best Pearson textbooks, 3rd party readings, articles and case studies available, Pearson Custom Library is the preeminent resource for superior content tailored to your course needs. Through any one of the many Pearson Custom Library programs, you have the means to build a custom text or reader with the content your students need to succeed. You can preview your selections online or request a free evaluation copy before making your adoption decision.

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With Pearson Custom Library, you select the content you want for your course and control the cost to your student.

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