Always Learning
  • Information delivered in the course is screen-based and easily digestible
  • Students are offered an abundance of ways to interact with the course content
  • The screens are visually stimulating and designed to enhance learning, not distract from it
  • Through the use of visuals, audio, video, interactivity, resource links, text content, and a variety of other available Pearson resources, different learning styles and learner needs have been addressed

Your Faculty Success

In order to aid faculty in developing efficient teaching methods and promoting student retention, each CourseConnect course has a full Instructor Resource Guide that includes:

  • A segment on how to teach online
  • Tips on how to engage online students
  • Abundant additional resources
  • Lesson-by-lesson facilitator tips
  • Emphasis on difficult concepts
  • Discussion topics
  • Useful information on how to assist struggling students
  • Sample discussion postings for facilitators
  • Discussion Tips

Your Institution Success

Retention of knowledge, students, and faculty provides an enriching and stimulating learning experience — resulting in your institutional success. With an aim to provide a solution that would significantly impact the learning experience, courses have been designed to allow you to customize the content, scope, sequence and individual elements of each course. The design also allows for the use of other Pearson offerings such as our successful MyLab products.

Have both traditional on-ground and online learning needs? We will provide you with lesson plans and other instructional materials for the on-ground format to allow consistency and standardization within your institution.

Course development is time consuming, expensive and requires the employment of experts dedicated to the task. Accessing CourseConnect courses or its modules is no different from accessing our Pearson Education textbooks. Your institution realizes no out-of-pocket expenses as students can purchase access to the learning content at your bookstore or via a campus license.

CourseConnect was developed to allow you, our partners, to focus on your mission of instruction and the value of the instructor. You are not expected to author and design your own textbook, so why should you be expected to author and design your own online courses from scratch? Start with CourseConnect, and then customize to meet your needs.