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CourseConnect Efficacy Study: Northampton Community College (Psychology)

Students in a 27-day, compressed CourseConnect Introduction to Psychology course achieved final exam scores an average 21 points higher than students in the full-term course without CourseConnect.

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CourseConnect Efficacy Study: Mesa Community College (History)

CourseConnect delivers a consistent learning experience for all online students. Student engagement, concept mastery, critical thinking, and persuasive communications—measured by the quality of students' discussion posts—increased with CourseConnect.

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CourseConnect Efficacy Study: Baton Rouge Community College (Criminal Justice)

Students who used CourseConnect succeeded with an average final grade of 82 percent compared with an average final grade of 16 percent among students who did not use CourseConnect.

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CourseConnect Drives State Exam Pass Rates at Hero's Academy

Since 2010, 100 percent of Hero's Academy students using CourseConnect: EMS passed the Illinois State Emergency Medical Technician Licensing Exam on the first attempt, compared to the nationwide average pass rate of 68 percent.

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CourseConnect Increases Student Success at Colorado State University

Discover how CourseConnect increased student success by upwards of 40%, while providing real-world preparation for Colorado State University's Criminology students.

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CourseConnect: What Do Educators Think?

Hear from the educators who use CourseConnect to engage and interact with their students in the online space. From CourseConnect's rich media assets to its handy user pacing chart...each instructor finds unique value in this award-winning online courseware.

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CourseConnect gets REAL with Haywood Community College

Haywood Community College Instructor, Meredith Carpenter, M.B.A., M.E., discusses how CourseConnect compliments existing curriculum within the REAL (Rural Entrepreneurship Active Learning) program.

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CourseConnect Brings Consistency to Mesa Community College

Learn how Mesa Community College adopted CourseConnect to bring consistency to its online programming, while giving instructors the ability to personalize courses for maximum impact and engagement.

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CourseConnect Partners with Career Point College

CourseConnect's suite of over 130 award-winning, comprehensive, customizable online courses were exactly what Career Point College needed to grow their online programs.

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CourseConnect Partners in Education: Lesley Keeling-Olson

Lesley Keeling-Olson, Chair, Department of Criminal Justice at Temple College, discusses how CourseConnect complements her institution's online Criminal Justice Program.

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