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      CourseConnect Developmental English
      The online Developmental English course reviews basic English concepts and introduces students to college-level writing with an emphasis on basic grammar and composition.
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      CourseConnect Developmental Reading
      This course introduces the fundamental tools and techniques adult learners will need to comprehend reading material found in general education courses and employment settings.
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      CourseConnect Developmental Writing
      Developmental Writing is a customizable online course for your distance learning classes, hybrid courses, or can be used to enhance the learning experience of your traditional in-classroom students.
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      CourseConnect English Composition 1
      In this online English Composition 1 course, students develop written communication skills.
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      CourseConnect English Composition 2
      This online English Composition 2 course builds on lessons learned in English Composition 1.
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      CourseConnect Essay Level English (Canadian)
      . This introductory essay course presents several strategies for improving competence in reading, writing, and research at the college level.
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      CourseConnect Introduction to Literature
      This introductory level course presents the elements and examples of three genres of literature: fiction, poetry, and drama. Students will learn the origins of literature and the purposes of the study of literature.
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      Program: Custom Curriculum
      The Pearson Learning Solutions Custom Curriculum (PLSCC) group builds custom-designed courseware for the K-12 through higher educational marketplace, corporations, associations, and government training programs.
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      Program: MyCourseTools
      MyCourseTools media objects and assets that energize course content, engage students, and enhance learning. Topic-based media assets include: interactive tutorials, podcasts, video, simulations, animation, document makeover, and other extras.
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      Program: Panopto Lecture Capture Software
      Panopto Lecture Capture is the process of recording academic instruction and delivering these presentations via an online or digital medium.
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      Propero is a self-paced online learning program that allows students to master rigorous material at their own pace, using award-winning content and academic support.