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      CourseConnect California Criminal Law
      California Criminal Law is a customizable online course that introduces the student to the purpose and general concepts of the criminal law.
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      CourseConnect Criminal Courts
      The criminal courts online course will provide students an overview of the criminal justice system and its processes.
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      CourseConnect Criminal Investigation
      This online criminal investigation course provides students with the fundamentals of criminal investigation.
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      CourseConnect Criminal Justice Ethics
      This online course looks at the ethical dilemmas and professional problems faced by criminal justice personnel.
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      CourseConnect Criminal Law
      This online criminal law course provides students with an historical understanding of criminal law, an overview of general legal principles and an awareness of the fundamental nature of law.
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      CourseConnect Criminal Procedure
      This online course will focus on the constitutional rights of criminal defendants as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court. Students will discuss Supreme Court decisions.
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      CourseConnect Criminology
      This online criminology course introduces students to the practice of criminology as well as theories of crime causation. The course reviews different types of crime and examines crime control policy.
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      CourseConnect Introduction to Corrections
      The online introductory corrections course provides an overview of the field of corrections.
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      CourseConnect Introduction to Criminal Justice
      The online Introduction to Criminal Justice course introduces students to the criminal justice system.
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      CourseConnect Introduction to Homeland Security
      Key functions of threat prevention, crisis response, and operations recovery addressed; course provides an overview of elements involved in homeland security function, as well as challenges managers face while maintaining mission operations and staff.
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      CourseConnect Introduction to Policing
      This online course gives students an overview of the police and their mission.
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      CourseConnect Juvenile Justice
      This online course gives students an overview of American juvenile justice, in terms of both system and practice.
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      CourseConnect Probation and Parole
      This online criminal justice course focuses on adult and juvenile probation, institutions, and parole.
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      CourseConnect Victimology
      This online course examines the causes of criminal victimization and looks at theories associated with violent victimization.
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      Program: MyCourseTools
      MyCourseTools media objects and assets that energize course content, engage students, and enhance learning. Topic-based media assets include: interactive tutorials, podcasts, video, simulations, animation, document makeover, and other extras.
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      Program: Panopto Lecture Capture Software
      Panopto Lecture Capture is the process of recording academic instruction and delivering these presentations via an online or digital medium.
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      Propero is a self-paced online learning program that allows students to master rigorous material at their own pace, using award-winning content and academic support.