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What are the Technical Requirements for CourseConnect?

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What is your design process?
The CourseConnect solution is based on a solid instructional design process developed specifically for our courses. The course development team includes top-notch instructional designers and recognized subject matter experts who have personally taught the course subjects. We also utilize a multi-point quality assurance process with development team sign-offs at key points to ensure the courses are instructionally sound, consistent, and accurate.

How are CourseConnect courses delivered?
Our courses are designed to work within all major learning management systems, enabling you to take advantage of any existing relationships you might already have.

With CourseConnect, do we still need textbooks?
Yes. Online courses are not meant to replace textbooks. The textbook serves the same role in an online course as it would in a traditional classroom-based course. Keep in mind that e-books could also be an option.

Why did you choose to build CourseConnect around specific textbooks?
Our courses are built around key learning outcomes and objectives, not textbook chapters. However, our instructional designers feel the additional support and knowledge from a textbook is integral to a good course so we select one of Pearson’s best-selling textbooks as part of the course design process. Select readings are then assigned from that book to match up with the objectives of each lesson unit.  Because of this design philosophy, it is easy to slightly modify the courses to match up with alternate Pearson textbooks. 

Do the courses have multimedia content?
A resounding yes. Pearson is known for its robust library of content. We have woven relevant multimedia material into the online course itself. And we have included links to additional electronic resources. We are conscious in our design process of the student experience, and we take advantage of Pearson's vast content to enhance the learning process.

What if we have existing materials we want to use with the courses?
Within most learning management systems, you have the ability to include additional materials not housed within the course itself. However, if you have materials you wish to integrate into the CourseConnect course itself, we certainly can do that as well.

Can your courses be customized?
Of course. Pearson CourseConnect courses are built with customization in mind. We understand one size doesn't fit all. That's one of the factors behind our solid, successful history of creating courses from the ground up. Whether you simply want to migrate your existing courses online without changing course descriptions or objectives, or you want something custom built for you, our curriculum and instruction team is ready to help!

Do you offer any guidance for instructors?
Absolutely! The Pearson CourseConnect solution comes standard with an Instructor Resource Guide that includes general information about how to teach online, tips for teaching overarching programs, and guidance specifically on teaching each course.