Always Learning
  • Want to use your favorite video clip to spur a more robust threaded discussion?
  • Want to assess your students with writing assignments instead of a mid-term and a final?
  • Want to include a Flash animation that illustrates a key concept?
  • Want a flexible classroom where interactivities, online discussions and assessments all take place on the Web?

CourseConnect is what you need. Customization is easy and scalable with CourseConnect.

Being ready for the first day of class is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply give us your course content changes, share your ideas and needs with us, then pick your LMS!

Your course will be delivered to you on time for the first day of class.

Flexibility enables customization even after the first day of class. Changes can easily be made at any level depending on your feedback on the use of the course and its contents.

Our development shop is staffed with curriculum and design experts, instructional designers, access to hundreds of subject matter experts and course writers. Let us help you design the perfect course using CourseConnect as the foundation!

How do we scale? Our production department is staffed with more than 20 media producers who will deliver the customized course in whatever platform your institution uses or prefers.