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Pearson is the undisputed global leader in educational publishing, providing more textbooks and reaching millions of people every day in print and online. Chances are if there's a book you need or a topic you want, Pearson has a print or digital textbook for you.

  • Computing, economics, finance, mathematics and statistics – Pearson Professional and Career
  • English, history, philosophy, political science and religion – Pearson Arts and Sciences
  • Education, psychology, sociology, communication, social work, anthropology and criminal justice – Pearson Arts and Sciences
  • Academic and reference – Pearson Professional and Reference
  • Science – Pearson Arts and Sciences
  • Emergency services – Brady Books
  • Computing – Pearson Technology Group
  • Programming, developing, engineering – Addison Wesley Professional
  • Cisco networking technology and Cisco certification – Cisco Press
  • Web development, server technologies and design and graphics – New Riders
  • Web development, graphic design, desktop publishing multi-media, and general computing – Peachpit Press
  • Computing and technology tutorial reference products – Que Publishing
  • Programmers, developers, and system administrators – Sams Publishing

For more information on Pearson’s vast library of textbooks, please contact your Pearson Representative or visit www.pearsonhighered.com.