The Faculty and Student Advocates

Faculty and Student Advocates were born out of Pearson Learning Solutions' commitment to academic achievement in higher education. This group is dedicated to addressing key barriers to successful academic experiences by bringing together faculty, students and leaders in the education community to discuss the issues and share best practices. With input and experience from these different groups, Pearson Learning Solutions aims to create the best-in-class solutions to advance academic achievement.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Faculty and Student Advocates is to provide access to quality resources that support academic achievement in education and to develop solutions for educators and students that enable lifelong learning.

The goal of the Faculty and Student Advocates is to be the leading resource to support successful academic experiences – serving as a forum for students and educators to contribute, share and acknowledge ways to achieve success.

In a series of online and in-person focus groups in spring and summer 2009, Pearson Learning Solutions began talking with educators about key issues in the pursuit of academic achievement. Participants overwhelmingly agreed that pinpointing obstacles and contributors to student success was a valuable enterprise. The open discussion about how individual institutions, departments, educators and students are removing these barriers to student success unearthed valuable best practices. Sharing stories about promoting the contributors to academic achievement was also extremely valuable. This is how the Faculty and Student Advocates were born.

As we open this conversation to students and to the greater academic world, we hope for a growing discussion of how best to successfully pursue academic achievement in higher education. Pearson Learning Solutions recognizes the critical importance of supporting sucessful academic experiences to ensure lifelong achievement.