For Students

College is a big investment – for you, for your family. So what do you hope to get out of your education? Most students feel that completing college should provide them with job and life skills that will set them up for a happy and secure future. So how do you make sure that you reach your goals and get what you pay for? Faculty and Student Advocates will provide you with strategies, resources and real-life stories that will help you get the most out of your college years and tuition dollars. Pearson Learning Solutions recognizes the critical importance of supporting successful academic experiences in education to ensure lifelong achievement, so we gathered educators, students and leaders in education to create the Faculty and Student Advocates.

Pearson Learning Solutions and top educators from around the country came together to launch the Faculty and Student Advocates. This group focuses on supporting student achievement and addressing key barriers to successful academic experiences by bringing together faculty, students and leaders in the education community to discuss the issues.

We recognize that students face a variety of barriers to academic success, whether it’s dealing with newfound freedom and time management issues, financial struggles, or lack of preparedness for higher education. Completing college is a crucial and great achievement and every bit of support helps. Bringing together an experienced and vocal group of dedicated leaders in higher education and incorporating the student perspective will allow us to listen and respond to the discussion around these vital issues and create the best-in-class solutions to advance successful academic experiences.

Check out our blog and see what educators and students are saying about key issues in successful academic experiences and academic achievement. This is a great opportunity to share academic experiences that have been valuable to you!.