Successful academic experiences are crucial for educators and students alike. Educators need to define what student success looks like at their institution and how it is measured. They need to identify and cope with barriers to student success that may be blocking some students from academic achievement. At the same time, educators must cope with the demands of their positions and strive to provide the best learning experience for their students. How do educators ensure that students are reaching the educational objectives set out for them? How can they be sure that students are reaching their own goals?

Most students are looking for their college to provide them with job and life skills that will set them up for a secure and happy future. So how can they make sure that they reach their goals and get a valuable return on their tuition investment?

Pearson Learning Solutions gathered educators from across the country for an open discussion on these issues. The Faculty and Student Advocates have a mission of supporting successful academic experiences to ensure lifelong achievement for both faculty and students.

The Faculty and Student Advocates site serves as a forum for educators and students to contribute, share and acknowledge ways to achieve successful academic experiences. The focus of the site is a blog, providing personal accounts of successful academic experiences written by educators, students and leaders in education. Pearson Learning Solutions will also provide access to research and events around the issues of student success and academic achievement. The Faculty and Student Advocates hope to provide strategies, resources and real-life stories that will help educators optimize the student experience and help students get the most out of their college years and tuition dollars.