About Us

Pearson Learning Solutions is proud to launch a website site featuring top educators and students from across the country. This initiative focuses on supporting student and faculty achievement and addressing key barriers to successful academic experiences by bringing together faculty, students and leaders in the education community to to tell their stories.

We recognize that students face a variety of barriers to academic success, whether it’s dealing with newfound freedom and time management issues, financial struggles, or lack of preparedness for higher education. Faculty face challenges as well. Some might include finding course materials that are affordable to students, keeping course materials current and engaging, assessing student outcomes and keeping abreast of the latest developments in educational technology. Some faculty may be coping with the challenge of transitioning courses from face to face into blended or online environments.

Bringing together an experienced and vocal group of dedicated leaders in higher education and incorporating the student perspective allows us to listen and respond to the discussion around these vital issues and create the best-in-class solutions to advance successful academic experiences.

This website serves as a place for educators and students to share initiatives and research that are committed to ensuring successful academic experiences. The advocates blog provides visitors with timely stories and opinions from administrators, faculty, students and other leaders in education on successful academic experiences in higher education. In addition, site visitors are invited to comment on the posts and contribute their perspective on the issues. This site provides a place for educators and students to share their strategies, and to learn from others about what is working for them.

Faculty and Student Advocates started with eight leaders in higher education, representing two- and four-year colleges from across the country. Pearson Learning Solutions proudly announces the names and institutions of these outstanding educators:

  • David Campaigne, University of South Florida, FL
  • Mark Chapman, Baker College, MI
  • Al DeCiccio, Southern Vermont College, VT
  • Donna Densmore, Bossier Parish Community College, LA
  • Ron Hammond, Blinn College, TX
  • Denise Kaisler, Citrus College, CA
  • Bill Prado, Green Mountain College, VT
  • Todd Troutman, Lansing Community College, MI

About Pearson

Pearson (NYSE:PSO), the global leader in education and education technology, reaches and engages today's digital natives with effective and personalized learning, as well as dedicated professional development for their teachers. This commitment is demonstrated in the company's investment in innovative print and digital education materials for preK through college, student information systems and learning management systems, teacher professional development, career certification programs, and testing and assessment products that set the standard for the industry. The company's respected brands include eCollege, Prentice Hall, Addison Wesley, Benjamin Cummings, MyLabs, and many others. Pearson's comprehensive offerings help inform targeted instruction and intervention so that success is within reach of every student at every level of education. Pearson's commitment to education for all is supported by the global philanthropic initiatives of the Pearson Foundation. Pearson's other primary businesses include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. For more information, go to www.pearson.com.