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As an administrator, meaningful leadership comes from acquiring a clear, informed perspective of the strengths and weaknesses of the institution and providing a strategic path to success. We've been listening to what students, educators and administrators have been saying about what they need in order to achieve success. We've learned that empowering them with understandable insights from data and analytics accelerates student achievement, improves instruction and increases student retention.

For administrators, it's about:

  • Having immediate access to fact-based information that allows them to make informed decisions
  • Improving student performance at the course and program levels
  • Allowing them to define and effectively measure key performance indicators at the institutional level

Partnering with Pearson gives you access to meaningful information that provides the insights of many for the potential of one and proves progress at the individual, course, program and institutional levels.

Learn how you can harness the power of data and analytics with Pearson Learning Solutions.

Pearson LearningStudio

Pearson LearningStudio is a learning management system for fully online programs. It features easy-to-use enterprise reporting, further simplifying the process of assessing learning outcomes.

Managing the accreditation process becomes exponentially more complex in the online learning environment. Only Pearson LearningStudio integrates multiple workflows to help educators efficiently and accurately map grades, standards and outcomes by individual students. Measuring student achievements and tracking student progress becomes a streamlined, real-time reporting effort. Assessing learning outcomes can be done with increased accuracy and objectivity to improve outcomes.

Data and AnalyticsEverything we do at Pearson leverages insights gained from decades of data analytics – data from students, educators, administrators and institutions – to inform smarter content and smarter technologies. All of Pearson's products are backed up by great data and analytics. Our learning management systems feature outstanding tools for assessing learning outcomes, measuring student achievement and tracking student progress.

Pearson LearningStudio combines our greatest strengths together in one platform, providing institutions with data-driven insights to help assess learning outcomes. Our analytics enhance everything from curriculum development to educator effectiveness, student retention and outcomes. Pearson LearningStudio supports a rich online learning infrastructure, personalized experiences, and a robust set of analytical tools that continually fosters individual success. Tracking student progress and measuring student achievement help guide and improve an institution's decision-making process.

Serving over 9 million active users, Pearson LearningStudio offers the most extensive online learning data available. Coupled with powerful analytics tools, our customers can design more effective courses, train instructors to create more successful learning environments and drive students to behaviors that increase achievement. The mechanics of measuring student achievement, tracking student progress and assessing learning outcomes improve significantly when you take advantage of our powerful data and analytics.


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