Always Learning

Increasing Access

To increase access, which helps to support growing enrollment, we partner with institutions to build and scale blended, and online, programs to fit their unique needs.

Our full-service solutions include best in class development resources and experience – covering content, technology services, and support – helping institutions design and deliver effective, comprehensive blended and online programs that ensure measurable student success. Pearson's customizable accelerated learning solutions can help students achieve that success within a reasonable timeframe.

Improving Achievement

We are all striving to improve student achievement, and so we work with educators to boost remediation, improve student retention, and generally make students more successful through personalized learning and assessment.

Delivering Value and Affordability

Digital delivery options provide educators and students with choices at different price points. Accelerated learning solutions can also provide financial flexibility by cutting down the amount of time devoted to achieving one's academic goals.

Students pay less while gaining greater educational value from course content that is custom-designed and edited to meet the institution, program and faculty-specific needs. Given the need to support growing enrollment, it is imperative that institutions find ways to reduce academic costs and make their offerings affordable.

The bottom line is, we want you to succeed. Whatever your mission, whatever your priorities, Pearson will be your dedicated partner. We help you put your best foot forward. Teaming up with Pearson delivers valuable support to meet the challenges of access, achievement and affordability.