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As the leading education services company, Pearson is serious about evolving how the world learns. We apply our deep education experience and research, invest in innovative technologies, and promote collaboration throughout the education ecosystem. Real change is our commitment and its results are delivered through connecting capabilities to create actionable, scalable solutions that improve access, affordability, and achievement.

Pearson About UsPearson provides educational materials, technologies, assessments and related services to teachers and students of all ages. Pearson considers your students' success our greatest indicator of success. We produce a steady stream of new and award-winning custom learning solutions with that in mind. Though we generate approximately 60% of our sales in North America, we operate in more than 60 countries. We publish across the curriculum under a range of respected imprints including Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley, Allyn and Bacon, Benjamin Cummings and Longman.

Pearson is also a leading provider of electronic learning programs and of test development, processing and scoring services to educational institutions, working together to develop custom learning solutions to better foster student success.

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Our webinars will give you insight into the wide range of content, technology and services that our clients use to drive their education programs forward. Visit our webinar site to learn how to select the right solutions for your needs by hearing directly from our customers and product experts about their experiences.


Pearson Learning Solutions partners with institutions to build effective program and course-specific materials, designed to facilitate student success. Our customizable print and digital textbook solutions and blended and online learning content greatly enhance both the educator's and the student's experience, providing increased value at a reduced cost. We open the door to a wealth of content and technology and walk your team through the process of selecting or creating the custom resources to meet your program and course goals. Offering customized textbook solutions and online learning content, Pearson leads the field by leveraging our expert consultants and cutting-edge educational technology. Find out more about our digital, online and print solutions.


Pearson's industry-leading consultants assist institutions across the country to discover technology solutions that help meet their unique challenges – scaling to accommodate growing enrollments, providing value and affordability and always focusing on increasing student achievement. Find out more about our learning management systems, digital content repository, and data and analytics.


Facing challenges like growing enrollments, increased demand for workforce education and doing more with less, institutions must find creative ways to overcome these challenges. Find out more about our services.

Pearson's educational solutions provide clients with the best possible range of choices for navigating the sea of challenges faced in today's world of higher learning. With our custom learning solutions we can help improve access, achievement and affordability. Student success takes a front seat, next to the educators at the wheel.