Always Learning

Pearson is a committed, long-term partner in education with the resources, experience, and expertise to develop a unique solution perfectly suited to your institution.

We partner with your staff throughout the development process to ensure project efficiency, to gain your input along the way, and to drive to the results you seek.

  • You'll have a dedicated and experienced, single point-of-contact at Pearson, and you'll gain the efficiencies of a single statement of work.
  • We're expert at working with academic executives to gain stakeholder assistance and approval during the course of the project.

We are a company dedicated to education, and our expertise extends from business consulting, to innovative technologies, to curriculum redesign and development, to premier printed and digital content.

  • Wherever your project takes us, we'll be able to bring in specialists with the deep, subject matter and technical knowledge required to assess your situation and develop the right solution.
  • With the strength and resources of Pearson, we're able to continually evolve and enhance everything we offer in order to meet emerging trends and changing client needs.

We're part of the educational community, helping build communication and cooperation among peers to improve access, affordability, and achievement.

  • We make it easy for executives and educators to share content, teaching tips, success stories—anything that will help them work together to enhance learning.
  • We also make it easy for students to communicate with each other so they can discuss course content and learn from one another throughout the course.